We are in a position to help your Company whatever its size, adapting ourselves to your context:

  • Reinforcing the management of your IS organization
    • When a position is vacant
    • To help existing management acquire skills, coaching the CIO and/or its team members
    • When circumstances require specific skills (merger, acquisition, cession, due diligence, audit, ...)
  • Managing major strategic projects
    • ERP roll-out (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, ...)
    • Any project reengineering functional solutions, with impact on organization, users and business
    • Upgrade, secure or stabilize infrastructures or associated services
    • By managing internal and/or external resources (Integrator, hosting partner, user support, ...)
  • Helping you define and implement your Information Systems strategy
    • To align it with your Company Business target, in close collaboration with your Executive Committee.
    • By analyzing existing situation (Functional, Software, Technical & infrastructure, contractors, internal IS/IT organization...)
    • By defining an action plan
    • By possibly assisting the teams, partially or totally, through the implementation stage, leaving a situation where they are autonomous when mission ends
  • Optimizing IS sourcing
    • Analyzing existing situation
    • Planning optimization
    • Selecting and running commercial negotiations and RFPs
    • Negotiating contracts with SLA & quality management
And more generally by carrying any assignment helping you improve the efficiency of your teams and systems, and better match them to your business priorities.

In any case, the target of the mission is to leave a stable situation, where IS organization is autonomous, to allow long-lasting improvements.

Assignments can be of short, medium or long term, part-time or full-time. French or International location, depending on opportunities. I am fluent in French, English and Spanish